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The BC of the Website

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Table of content about JMB's Disclaimer

I act on this website as 👤private person, presenting own material, experiences and opinions for friends, acquaintances and the general public  without financial interest  in any way.
Thus I am not obliged to have a Disclaimer for people operating a business in Germany.
If this changes, I will change this Disclaimer accordingly providing all necessary information before putting pages about my business online.

All texts, shown images/tables and 📋PDF files provided for download should completely carry my own copyright as author, as long as I don't disclose otherwise. Only generally accessible information (especially [Wikipedia-en-Icon]Wikipedia: en as well as de) may not always be marked accordingly. In this case I would be glad for a short notice so I can fix it.
So I ask to always respect my copyright and give notice in case you may want to use it (except for cases I explicitly allow to act differently by granting more rights – the current website gives the valid exceptions; for PDF files the allowed use case is described on my 📋Download page), so I can grant permission to you for the given use case.
Of cause I will do my best to respect the copyright of other authors according to law: German Act on Copyright  (see also USA Copyright Law).

All pieces of information of my online presence are carefully checked and regularly refreshed. A warranty about completeness, validity and up-to-dateness can not be granted. This is especially true for all further websites I may refer to via hyperlink.

The opinions and/or given facts on webpages I create a link to are completely in the responsibility of the author(s) and have nothing to do with my own opinions or expertise. Furthermore I don't have any influence on styling or content of these pages.
Accordingly I explicitly disassociate myself from any content of extrenally linked websites and don't internalize such content, especially as I can not always check all the given links so that changes may be hidden from me – making a timely reaction by my side impossible. Technically I try to always open such a linked website or external link⛓️  in a new browser tab, thus making the separation clear even when surfing without care.
Nevertheless I always check the content of linked pages at the date I create such hyperlinks, to avoid linking sites with offending or illegal content.

I also don't take responsibility for any special, direct or indirect damage which may be caused by usage of information given on my online presence.

Despite all conscientiousness and experience with the given content I can make mistakes – and I am not a lawyer.
Please inform me in negative cases as soon as possible (📧jmb@jmb-edu.de), so I can take action to immediately end the problematic situation. If necessary, I will of course contact you for further clarification.

⛓️ ) The visability of links starts with markup standard to show any link in colour and underlined. I set blue for visited links and red for new links. As described following any external link should result in opening a new tab if invoked from my site. This should underpin that authorship and thus reponsibility has changed. Currently I additionally identify some external links to special resources: [Wikipedia-en-Icon]Wikipedia, [Amazon-Icon]Amazon, [YouTube-Icon]YouTube, [GOG-Games-Icon]GOG, [steam-Icon]Steam, [gamejolt-Icon]Game Jolt and [itch.io-Icon]Itch.io – maybe soon also [Heise-Online-Icon]Heise-Online – via the shown leading Icon.
Due to the increasing size of my site I introduced leading 🌐Emoji/Unicode chars to links to another page of my site for better and intuitive orientation (cf. 🌍Basic Structure for a complete overview and 🌐WWW Manual technically).
Besides I identify some special file types (not depending on being internally or externally linked): [PDF-Icon]PDF Icon, [ASCII-Icon]ASCII Icon, [MP4-Icon]MP4 Icon and [MP3-Icon]MP3 Icon – and a category: ☠️life threatening.
For the future I plan for the sake of better labeling links to identify external links not marked by the above mentioned external resources by the shown Unicode char – as well as to mark relative links to the 📍active side by the Pin‑Emoji. For further technical info one may visit 👤development of my website, 🔧details about my hoster and my testing environment or my 🌐World Wide Web Manual.

Addendum concerning [Wikipedia-en-Icon]GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation):

I offer this web presentation without financial interests, neither deliver any kind of personal data (about other people) nor gather such data. When presenting a photo, no person can be identified, no cokies are used and no scripts are running. Thus encryption would be a useless burden, which was also not offered by my host provider. This changes as of 19.10.2018 so I use https: to try to minimize the negative marks of browsers. Nevertheless content is more important, so I will be forced to link to pages which does not use encryption when transmitted to the client (i.e. your web browser). So browsers may still warn when surfing my side even though there is no risk. I embed no YouTube video, but provide access via a link if appropriate, so visitors can decide on their own if they want to go to this website or not (see below). My 🔧European hoster is obliged to fulfill the GDPR the same way as I am. In case of any misuse by instances which are not under my control the full responsibility lies on these providers, especially for external links one may follow from my website.
Each user should take care and check any link before clicking (URL is shown when hovering over the link with the mouse cursor) and is repsonsible to use a browser which preserves the users 👤anonymity if so desired. Any personal communication about my website is only possible via E‑Mail. Every user should carefully select an appropriate E‑Mail client and mail provider, (whenever possible in the domain of the EU – as any kind of personal data protection is completely unknown [and generally unwanted] in the USA: there the data belongs to the company collecting them, not to the person those data really do belong as in the EU – and even in EU it is not reasonably implemented). I did that selection carefully on my own concerning web hoster and E‑Mail provider (see above).
[See further references via the links at the end of my German 📄Disclaimer.]
In case of questions / problems with this page or my site please contact me via:
      E-Mail:  📧jmb@jmb-edu.de
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